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posted Feb 3, 2013, 9:09 AM by Lendy Dunaway   [ updated Feb 3, 2013, 9:25 AM ]
Games are a great idea for a Maker Faire Project. Davis and I were at Outback Steakhouse one night with a little time to kill and big stack of coasters. After several tries and a few modifications we came up with this game specifically to pass the time while waiting for our food order. We changed coasters to sugar packs because we figured they'd be more common. It's simple. Give it a try and then come up with your own.

Sugar Pack Attack     A game for two players or teams
Sugar PacksObject:    Arrange three sweetener packets of your color in a diagonal line.
Setup:      Each player selects a color; white, blue, yellow or pink and then starts
with four sweetener packets of that same color.

Play:          The youngest player starts. Subsequent games are started by the loser of the previous game. The first player begins by placing one of their packets in the center of the table. Players then alternate placing packets. Each packet played must be placed adjacent to at least one edge, left, right, above or below, of a previously played packet. Once all four of each player’s packets are played the current player selects one of their own packets and moves it such that it has at least one edge adjacent to a previously played packet.  The current player may not reverse their previous move. Play continues until a player creates a diagonal line three packets long of their color.